How do we work

How do we work

Savio and Rupa Interior Concepts offer a range of solutions for space planning, designing, technical services, project management and project execution to the last detail.


The furniture design follows the design concept and theme. Savio & Rupa specialize in creating bespoke furniture pieces (contemporary, antique or a blend of both) tailored to suit the client’s comfort and taste. The Offerings include: World-class modular furniture including kitchens, Entry-way Furniture, Consoles, Sideboards, Wardrobes, etc. to name a few.

It uses only the best international-class material for all its furniture and fittings. For instance, all its hardware, fittings, accessories and shutters are all German-made and the factory finished modular furniture is installed at the site. Custom designed solid-wood furniture like dining tables, beds, nightstands, etc. are also designed and produced according to the client's taste and requirement.

The firm also has a well-established global sourcing network for importing furniture from any country that the client wishes.

3D Visualization

We follow a 360° approach to ensure that the color, materials, finishes, furniture selection and lighting of your space provides comfort and elegance to your interiors. We take utmost care in space-planning to maximize and improve the function and value of your property. We also develop design planning in close coordination with technical personnel. Once the client approves this we submit a detailed costing and contract to be signed.

Interior Design

At the core of good design is space planning. Furniture layout plans with optimal flow are created only after speaking to the client and her/his family, to understand their aspirations, needs and lifestyle. A design plan is then developed in close coordination with its technical people.

Savio & Rupa follow a 360-degree approach to ensure maximum utilization of space to improve the function and value of the client’s property. From here on aesthetics, artistic flair, an instinct for the dramatic and novel, a masterful approach to colour, texture, composition and contrast takes over. All these elements of art are used to create a judicious blend of clutter-free, crisp forms with a dash of glamour. Ultimately, resulting in homes that you’ll fall in love with.

Things addressed in the design scheme include: Furniture, fabrics, choice of paint shades, window treatment, rugs, lighting, and more. A detailed report is made of this design process with budgets to make it easy for clients to see where key investments are being made and to help them stay within the budget.

Only on approval of this is a detailed costing and contract sent to the client for signing.


A balance between the shadows and illumination, form the essence of lighting design and creating drama for any space. Good lighting can lift a mood, make you reflective and make a difference to the way you think, act and feel. It is a key aspect of interior design and goes a long way in enhancing a space and its ambience.

Savio & Rupa in its own small way does highly professional, independent lighting design. It boasts of a wealth of experience in developing schemes that are both functional and space enhancing, for all its residential projects.

What’s more, impartial advice is provided on the most appropriate fittings to be used in the scheme. The added bonus is the ability to source architectural and decorative fittings from a variety of suppliers across the country and overseas, according to the client’s budget and taste.

Foscarini, Flos, Luceplan, etc. are some of the designer lighting brands that Savio & Rupa works with to achieve the best results.